Attorney Forwarding Service

BARR’s considers legal action the absolute last resort and will only recommend it if we feel that traditional collection methods will not result in the collection of your account.  Unpaid claims are reviewed by a collection manager to assess if the debtor company is still in operation and/or the personal guarantor’s location is confirmed.  When a file is considered to be a viable option for litigation, the account is transferred to the legal department.

All of our attorneys work on a “hard costs plus contingency” retainer agreement, which means the attorney doesn′t get paid if your account doesn′t get collected, and they only bill us for actual costs they expend on your case. Both Pre-litigation and Post-Judgment services are included in the legal process.

BARR Credit Services’ Attorneys are all accredited members of “The Commercial Law League of America.” Cases are forwarded using one of the following publications and therefore automatically bonded for up to 3.5 million dollars:

  • “General Bar”
  • “National List”
  • “Commercial Bar”
  • “American Lawyers Quarterly”