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Here at BARR Credit Services we often host educational webinars on a plethora of relevant and actionable topics for the credit and collections industry. Our webinars feature guest speakers who elevate the educational expertise contributed to the presentations.

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Accelerating Your Revenue Cycle During COVID-19 and Navigating First-Party Collections

June 3rd, 2020
Has your collection approach changed over the last few months? During this webinar, you will learn about the latest restrictions impacting credit professionals now. This program will cover state regulations and changes in the court system due to COVID-19 and how that is relevant for collections. Additionally, advice on how to manage your credit department with these developing circumstances will be shared.

Protecting Your Business, Cybersecurity, and Working Remotely During COVID-19

From this webinar, you will learn what steps you can take to protect yourself and your company from cyber-fraud. With most businesses moving to remote work because of COVID-19, we want to bring some insight on how to best protect your business activities from home.

Credit Risk Mitigation Tips and Tools

In this fast-paced, interactive presentation, you will learn the best methods to manage the two most important types of credit risk – slow payment and nonpayment. Topics covered include: methods to improve collection results immediately, tools to better measure and assess credit risk and assign appropriate credit limits and the use of various credit enhancement tools.

Inside a Collection Agency – Your Questions Answered

The collection industry has witnessed a lot of change over the last two years. Social media has had a huge impact on collection practices. Privacy laws are changing rapidly, and we are witnessing an increasingly restrictive regulatory environment. Things covered in this webinar include best in class accounts receivable practices, when to use a collection agency, and what to look for in a collection agency.

Beyond the Amazon Effect

“Beyond the Amazon Effect” brought an insightful look into the implications of The Amazon Effect.  We will explore the latest statistical implications of Amazon, and some projections into the future. Most importantly, we will discuss the conceptual revolution inside The Amazon Effect that reveals its revolutionary power and influence. The influence is spreading far beyond Amazon.  Presented by Richard Hastings who is a Macro Strategist for international investment bank, Seaport Global Securities. Richard Hastings monitors trends in domestic and international markets.

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  • Bankruptcy

My Debtor Filed for Bankruptcy – Now What?

If you’ve received a notice from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court indicating that one of your debtors has filed for bankruptcy, you may be confused about how to respond. Well, it depends upon the type of bankruptcy filed.

Skip Tracing and Personal Guaranty

If you’ve considered hiring a collection agency to handle your past-due accounts, you may have heard the term “skip tracing.” But what exactly is it, and how does it work within the collections industry? Skip tracing is a method used to locate debtors when their contact information is no longer accurate.

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