Management Team

Jana Bauer

MIS & Technology Director

Jana Bauer’s role at BARR Credit Services focuses on the management of information systems to ensure proper access to quality data and network services. She has worked in collections since 1990, and has been involved with software development and other IT support since 1998. She has 26 years of experience in the collections industry, 18 of which has been in an IT capacity. Jana joined BARR Credit Services more than 14 years ago.

Jana started handling in-house retail collections for a credit union in Alaska in 1990 and began working in third-party collections in 1992. She’s done retail, commercial and legal collections in her work for collection agencies and attorneys. She also established both the posting division of the accounting department and reconfigured the legal department at BARR.

Jana has extensive SQL database knowledge, and has designed and coded applications in Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. She’s been programming since 1995 when she started developing solutions to improve her own productivity.  All of her Windows programming and database skills are self-taught. She’s been using Windows and Microsoft Office products since 1995, but took her first computer courses in the mid-1980s.

Jana was born in Kewanee, Illinois. With a stepfather in the U.S. Air Force, she grew up living in many different places, attending 13 different schools prior to graduation. These experiences shaped who she is today. In her spare time, Jana enjoys practicing calligraphy and spoiling her niece. She also loves to cook, especially for a crowd.

Mike Frazee

Sales Director

Mike Frazee, as Sales Director, manages the sales processes, including building and maintaining great relationships with current and prospective clients. He has worked in the collection industry for 23 years, 20 years of which have been in Sales. Mike joined BARR Credit Services in 2001.

Mike has worked in commercial collections since 1994.  He was promoted to General Manager of the New Orleans Office in January of  2015, having run  the Colorado division for three years.  His experience with sales, as well as three years as a collector,  has allowed him to have a very unique understanding of the collection industry. Mike prides himself on the fact that his people and his clients are his number-one priority.

Mike grew up in Ohio, where he attended Kent State University. In his spare time, Mike enjoys the puzzle-solving aspect of playing poker and shooting pool. He also enjoys participating in many different team sports.

A day Mike will always remember is when the business was contacted by a company that was on the verge of going into bankruptcy due to severely past due, large accounts. “We were able to collect eight of the 12 accounts within a four-week period. Hearing the owners say that they were now going to be able to keep their business, and that 12 people were not going to lose their jobs, that was a great day.”

Angela “Angie” Olson

Director of Client Relations & Business Development

Angie Olson is responsible for customer care and strategic business development at BARR Credit Services.  In her role, she specializes in identifying and implementing strategic opportunities for growth, revenue assurance, and building client relationships.  She has been with BARR Credit Services since 2015 and has advanced from a management position to a director level position.

Angie’s favorite part about working at BARR Credit Services is being able to build relationships and helping clients. She believes the best part of what makes BARR Credit Services so great is our clients.

Christine Modica

Director of Collections

As Director of Collections, Christine Modica’s main focuses are training, process improvement, and the daily management of the collections department. With her motivation set on growth and ideas, Christine quickly advanced at BARR, taking on many roles to include Director of Quality and Revenue Assurance before her current position.

Christine was raised in Mississippi but spent nearly 10 years in New Orleans, LA before moving to Tucson, Arizona.  Before receivables management, her background was primarily finance and lending. Christine’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative qualities made the switch from finance to collections an easy and enjoyable one.

When not in the office, Christine spends most of her time with her son. Together they enjoy going to see the latest movies, traveling around the globe, or attending sporting events. Even though Christine considers herself to be work-focused, she also is a fan of music festivals and sports.

Tracy Harding

Director of Finance and Human Resources

Tracy Harding’s day-to-day responsibilities include managing financial, accounting systems, and human resources for strategic planning and growth. She has more than 15 years of experience in collections, and has been with BARR Credit Services for nearly 15 years. Prior to working in collections, Tracy worked off and on for 15 years in retail management.

Born in Perry, Iowa, Tracy’s family moved to Arizona in 1978, where she attended high school and junior college. Tracy is married and has two sons. She and her husband are both motorcycle enthusiasts and members of the American Legion. “We take pride in giving back to those who gave all, as well as those who continue to defend our rights to freedom, by showing our support through volunteerism. It is important to take care of those who, in turn, take care of us.”

Each and every day working at BARR Credit Services is a “best day” for Tracy. “Lots of laughs and good cheer…we won the Wells Fargo Copper Cactus Award for the Best Place to Work because it is essentially just that – the best place to work!”