Your First-Party Accounts Receivable Partner

No matter how solid the credit foundation is within a company or how experienced and knowledgeable the credit decision makers are, past-due accounts are a reality of issuing credit.  Accounts Receivable represents one of the largest assets of any business. BARR Credit Services assists clients in the recovery and protection of those assets through first-party outsourcing collection services.

Our First-Party Outsourcing Service is designed to streamline your internal efforts. As your first-party representatives, we’ll provide a higher number of customer contacts, resulting in higher resolution, increased debt recovery, and improved customer satisfaction.

As your outsourcing partner, BARR Credit Services provides:

  • Client-driven accounts receivable services
  • Proprietary account software platform to store receivables data
  • Customizable letters
  • Monthly account intelligence reports
  • Personal phone calls by trained professionals

Additional Staffing, Training and Management

As your outsourcing partner, BARR Credit Services provides the additional staff, training and management resources to supplement your receivables department, saving you the effort and expense of hiring, training, and maintaining additional employees. These services are flexible and scalable to meet your needs — so you design a program you’re comfortable with.

Training and Support

We’ll also provide training and support to strengthen your internal Credit and Collections Department. We’ll help you minimize your credit risks and avoid potential bad debt “write off.” And we make it a point to be accessible, too. If anyone on your staff has a question about our services or technology, we’re just a phone call or a click away.