Other Credit Services

BARR Credit Services is committed to ensure your success. Our services go beyond debt recovery and collections. We help you manage your accounts receivable with the following services:

•  Strengthening your credit and collections practices

•  Credit reports

•  Investigations (Pre and Post Litigation)

•  Attorney forwarding service

•  Training and education

Strengthening Credit & Collections

BARR Credit Services works with a diverse group of companies that have credit issues not only specific to their industry, but also unique to their company.   We can help you address a workflow problem, a troubled customer, or just about any problem facing your credit department. We have a proven track record.

BARR Credit Services can work with you to create the right credit policies for your business. From credit applications to oversight strategies to legal options, our staff can create a foundation that will allow your company to improve its operating profitability. We can also work with your credit personnel through educational programs to ensure that they are armed with the appropriate knowledge to do their jobs.

Credit Reports

Credit CalculationsConsumer and commercial credit reports from industry leaders like Experian, Equifax, Transunion, and Dun & Bradstreet can be a helpful tool in making credit decisions.

BARR Credit Services can facilitate the purchase of credit reports on your clients and prospective clients through our partnerships with OneCreditSource and CommandCredit.  These reporting services have a unique agreement with the national credit bureaus that grants our clients the ability to receive both commercial and consumer credit products via the Internet.

By Partnering with either OneCreditSource.com or CommandCredit.net, you will be able to access to all three national consumer credit bureaus and Experian business credit reports in one location, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your credit needs.

  • No minimum
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • No contracts
  • Unlimited users on account at no charge
  • 30-Day transaction log
  • Live support online, by phone, or email (no automated systems to navigate)

In addition to the credit reports, via OneCreditSource, your HR department can get access to public records including criminal court records, driving records and employment verifications.  Combining the credit and HR departments on one account eliminates the need for you to be using different services and receiving multiple invoices each month.

If you would like more information about accessing credit reports and how their programs will save you both time and money, click on the link below or contact your BARR Servicing Representative for an introduction.

Click here to find out more information about becoming a new OneCreditSource client

Click here to find out more information about becoming a new CommandCredit client


BARR Credit Services offers several investigative tools to provide you with the background and information you need to make a sound decision about your customers and debtors.  The investigative services offered are either Pre-Litigation and Post Judgment:


BARR Credit Services identifies debtor′s assets for a comprehensive look at their financial situation so that recovery is maximized.


BARR Credit Services will locate attachable assets that may be garnished or levied to satisfy a Judgment.

Attorney Forwarding Service & Litigation

Gavel and BooksBARR considers legal action the absolute last resort and will only recommend it if we feel that traditional collection methods will not result in the collection of your account.  Unpaid claims are reviewed by a collection manager to assess if the debtor company is still in operation and/or the personal guarantor’s location is confirmed.  When a file is considered to be a viable option for litigation, the account is transferred to the legal department.

All of our attorneys work on a “hard costs plus contingency” retainer agreement, which means the attorney doesn′t get paid if your account doesn′t get collected, and they only bill us for actual costs they expend on your case. Both Pre-litigation and Post-Judgment services are included in the legal process.

BARR Credit Services’ Attorneys are all accredited members of The Commercial Law League of America.  Cases are forwarded using one of the following publications and are bonded for up to $3.5 million:

  • General Bar
  • National List
  • Commercial Bar
  • American Lawyers Quarterly

Training & Education

The credit industry is complex and dynamic. Laws, precedents, and policies weave a tapestry of credit information that brings constant challenges to credit professionals. Even the most experienced credit professionals find it difficult to stay on top of the industry without continuing education and support.

BARR Credit Services believes it is important that every credit professional participate in educational activities on a regular basis. Whether that includes attending seminars, reading books, or keeping up with the latest periodicals, education provides a solid foundation of success in the credit industry.

BARR Credit Services offers training for your Credit and Collections Departments to minimize credit risks and potential bad debt “write off.”

We also encourage credit professionals to consider certification programs, such as the one offered by the National Association of Credit Management. We employ certified personnel and believe certification establishes credit professionals as leaders in the industry.

When working with our clients, we will bring a commitment to education and certification. We can arrange to assist you and your company with all of your educational needs.