Certifiably Qualified

CLLAAs a member agency of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), BARR Credit Services will recover debt owed to your business in a way that will protect your company’s reputation and ensure your business relationships remain strong.

The CLLA is endorsed by the IACC (International Association of Commercial Collectors). In October 2014, IACC and the CLLA formed a strategic alliance. Now there is a single, premiere certification program for commercial collection agencies and their collectors.

This international trade association is comprised of 237 collection specialists and 160 commercial attorneys. With members throughout the U.S. and in 20 international countries, IACC is the largest organization of commercial collection specialists in the world.

The Big Question

Who are you going to trust?

It’s a big question with big consequences. Start by looking for a CLLA Certification which is endorsed by the IACC. You can filter out 95% of collection agencies by applying this single criteria. This leaves you with nothing but the best from which to choose.

The CLLA is North America’s oldest creditors’ rights organization. Since 1895, the CLLA has represented creditor interests, while also seeking fair, equitable and efficient administration of bankruptcy cases for all concerned parties. Today, it’s a respected association of attorneys and other credit and finance experts who are actively engaged in the fields of commercial law, bankruptcy and insolvency.

BARR Credit Services has been a CCLA member since September 2004. The CLLA only certifies commercial collection agencies who meet their rigorous certification requirements.

These requirements are:

  • Must prove that the agency’s business is commercial-related
  • Must be in business for a minimum of four years
  • Must comply with all relevant federal and state laws and regulations governing the collection of debts
  • Must comply with all state and jurisdictional registration and licensing requirements
  • Must maintain documented policies and procedures consistent with all relevant federal and state laws
  • Must disclose all claims against agency bonds, as well as complaints and litigation filed against agency
  • Must disclose all current and previous ownership
  • Owners, partners, officers directors, office managers or key employees must answer personal disclosure questions
  • Must allow CLLA or its independent third party to conduct an on-site visit and review
  • Must authorize CLLA or its independent third party to obtain criminal background reports on all shareholders
  • Must authorize CLLA or its independent third party to obtain a trade report
  • Must authorize CLLA or its independent third party to obtain  representative sample forms, pamphlets and advertising materials, as well as letters sent to debtors
  • Must provide the CLLA or its independent third party with an attestation from the agency’s CFO that funds in the trust account(s) are equal to or in excess of the trust liability
  • Must obtain a surety bond to protect client funds
  • Owners, owners, partners, officers, managers and directors must demonstrate good character and as such must conform with the Certification Program Standards and Requirements
  • Must maintain $300,000 bond

BARR Credit Services’ certification is your assurance that our people maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.